Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nyxen's Review of "Old Magic"

Old Magic by Marianne Curley
369 Pages
Simon & Schuster 2000

When Kate and Jarrod first lock eyes across the classroom, their connection is instantaneous. While everyone else shuns Jarrod as a freak, Kate's passionate belief in witchcraft helps her see him for what he truly is - someone with a powerful gift. She is fascinated by what he is capable of . . . and undeniably attracted to him.

When Jarrod's abilities appear to be linked to a centuries old curse, Kate is the only one who can help him. Together, they embark on a journey that transcends time and place, and discover a magic that will bind them together forever.


I did not expect anything that happened in this novel. I first picked it up last December and immediately fell in love with the story, even if I only read the first chapter. One of my favorite elements I love to read in stories is magic. And that's exactly what it had.

Old Magic tells a story of a girl, Kate, who has magical powers which labels her a freak and a boy, Jarrod, who is new in town, who only wants to fit in. But after an afternoon with Kate, Jarrod finds out about her abilities and supposedly his. Jarrod learns about his gift but he doesn't believe he has any because. It wouldn't follow the rules he lives by. He has hard time believing Kate has a gift. But when he learns his family has a curse placed upon them and not just bad luck he has to trust Kate.

I never foresaw time traveling in this novel. It's on of my favorite things to read so I was very ecstatic to read that. Kate and Jarrod's relationship is unique. Kate is the outcast of her school, along with her best friend, but she's okay with that. She knows she's different. Jarrod, on the other hand, is new and wants nothing to do with being weird, different, or Kate. All he wants is to belong because he could never make friends. Jarrod is a clumsy, witless, spineless jellyfish (not literally) and that really bugs Kate, even when she's trying to tell him he also has magical powers.

I thought their relationship was very heartfelt. Their characters were very believable and always made me laugh. When the time came to time travel back to the Medieval Ages, I just knew that Marianne Curley was indeed brilliant. Her writing is like the magic. She has crafted a novel in which the characters are well written, a page turning plot that kept you on your toes and beautiful settings. I was hooked throughout the whole book.

I recommend this novel to anyone fans of magic, time travel, and romance.

I rate this novel Five Stars.

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  1. Since you like time-travel and liked Old Magic, then I definitely suggest you check out Curley's Guardians of Time trilogy (The Named, The Dark, The Key), as that is definitely about time-travel (plus romance too!)


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