Monday, November 8, 2010

30 Days of Harry Potter (Day 8 - LaFemmeReaders)

Day 8 of 30 Days of Harry Potter. Well, that sentence was very redundant. Ah, well I am seriously hoping you are enjoying this cool feature on my blog. I certainly am! I love reading everyone's different perspective on Harry Potter. Let us enjoy Eleni's from LaFemmeReaders' guest post!


Thank you Bianca for including me in this fun Harry Potter event! To be honest, I am not a die hard fan like others, however I do love the movies. I never read the books so at first I didn't really care about them. Meanwhile, my friend who has read the series was crazy over it. So, I gave in and rented the DVD. At first glace, I was hooked! I loved the whole concept and special effects. I might not have knowledge of the back story a book possesses but, it seems like they did a great job interpreting it into a movie. Correct me if I am wrong Harry Potter fans. :)

Now, as Harry and the gang started growing up, I found myself weirdly attracted to Harry. There is something very sexy about those glasses haha. I remember sitting in the movie theater watching the last installment and whispering to my friend, "damn, did Harry get hot, or is it just me?" She looked at me funny, so maybe it was just me lol. Finally, the ending of the last movie was crazy and sad. :( I am super excited and anxious for Deathly Hollows. I really want to know what's going to happen next and of course drool over Harry's once again manly change.

Talk to you soon,
La Femme Readers


Thank you, Eleni! Be sure to check out Eleni's BLOG and tell her that you really loved her post today! :D


  1. Wow! I didn't know there was anyone left who hadn't read Harry Potter! lol =) The first two movies did an okay job of adapting the books, but they kinda fell apart after that. I've always wondered if the movies make sense to people who haven't read the books - so it's good to know they do! Yay Deathly Hallows!


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