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Bee's Review of "Stink and the World's Worst Super-Stinky Sneakers"

Stink and the World's Worst Super-Stinky Sneakers by Megan McDonald
130 Pages
Scholastic Inc. 2007

Gross Me Out! Stink-O! Skunksville!

When Stink goes to the Everybody Stinks exhibit at the science museum, he discovers that his nose has amazing sniffinh abilities. Before long, he's engrossed in toilet water, corpse flowers, and all things smelly, and he and Sophiee of the Elves are set to go toe-to-toe in a stinky-sneaker contest! Will Stinnk's sneakers be foul enough to win the Golden Clothespin Award?

Today, I am not revewing something. Today, my little brother, Bee, will be writing a review. This was a book report but I asked him if he'd like to be apart of my blog and he said yes. I got this idea from Melina over at Reading Vacation when her little brother wrote a review. So give it up for my brother!


HI! Like it, and follow my sister.

The title of the book I read was Stink and the World’s Worst Super-Stinky Sneakers. The author of the book was Megan McDonald. The genre of this book is middle grade fiction.

There were many characters in this book. Stink was the main character along with Judy, Sophie, Stink’s parents, and Ms. D, Stink’s teacher. Stink was a very weird and outgoing character. He would smell three day old pizza and rotten eggs for fun. Judy was Stink’s older sister and was very mean, always teasing her brother. Sophie, whose real name was Elizabeth which she didn’t like, was Stink’s friend. She was similar to Stink except she wasn’t as weird because she wouldn’t smell what he smelt but she did help him create perfumes. Stink’s parents were like your average parents who weren’t overprotective but loved their kids very much. Stink’s teacher, Ms. D, was an average teacher. She loved to see her students learning and being enthusiastic about their studies. The settings in the story place in several places. For instance, in the beginning of the story the setting was at a Science museum, where Ms. D took them on a field trip to the “Gross Me Out” exhibit. In the middle of the story, the setting took place at Stink’s house where Stink and Sophie would make perfumes. At the end of the story, the setting took place at the park where they held a carnival.

Many events took place within this book. One main event was Ms. D taking her class to the science museum where Stink was overjoyed about it. He smelt the world’s worst things that would make other people pass out. Another main event that occurred was when Stink showed a flyer, that he received at the museum, to his parents. The flyer was a “World’s Worst Super-Stinky Sneaker” contest. Ms. D gave all her students a flyer to enter the contest. The last main event was the actual contest where Stink and his family went to carnival where the problems started.

There were not a lot of problems in this book. One of the problems was Sophie also entering the contest. Stink didn’t want to face his friend in the competition because he thought his sneakers were stinkier than Sophie’s and he didn’t want to see her lose. The second problem was when Stink and his family went to the park. Sophie got there before Stink so she knew that a judge for the contest had gotten sick. Stink felt depressed that there was no contest being held. The solution to these problems was very simple. Stink filled in for the judge, disqualifying himself from the contest because he couldn’t be a judge and a contestant. At first he wasn’t happy about this but he also thought it fair. At the end of the book, Sophie ended up winning the contest and Stink got an autograph from a professional smeller.

What I learned from this book is that when it comes to friends and you don’t be selfish and always help the other person. If you want to enter in a competition but also be a judge, you can’t because people will think you’re a cheater. I also learned that cooperating in competitions help you make new friends because you will have something to talk about. I really liked this book because the characters weren’t selfish and loved meeting new people.


My brother rates this book Four Stars.

I hope you liked this review. He worked hard on it.

Happy Reading!

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