Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fused Blog Tour - Kari Lee Townsend Guest Post

Today, for a blog tour, I have Kari Lee Townsend on my blog.

I asked her "What Her Favorite Childhood Book Was and Her Favorite Memory With It?
Here's what she had to say.
Childhood Books & The Memories That Go With Them

A person's childhood goes by so quickly. I have four children, and I'm watching theirs go by way too quickly for my liking. Childhood is a time for believing that anything is possible. For discovering the wonders of the world. For setting off on new adventures and not being afraid. Books are one of the best ways to experience things you never thought possible.

I remember loving to read almost anything because it felt like I was stepping into a whole other world. It was like getting swept away in an amazing movie, and I hated to see it end. I don't really have one favorite book, but I do have a favorite series. I was addicted to the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books. The thought that kids so young could venture off on great adventures, facing all sorts of dangers, yet solving the mystery on their own in the end was so exciting.

I have one sister and one brother. When we were really young, my dad was in the air force. But once he retired and worked as an air traffic controller for the FAA, we finally put down roots and lived next door to our cousins growing up. I have always had an active imagination, but these books inspired me to come up with some pretty cool adventures for us all to play.

Even today, I still love a great mystery. In fact, my Samantha Granger books have a mystery in them as well. And I also write a cozy mystery series called The Fortune Teller Mystery Series with book one, Tempest in the Tea Leaves, coming out in August. To find out more about all my books, go to

Thanks so much for having me here today. This has been fun, and I hope all of you find a great book to curl up with that inspires you to live your own adventurous life :-)

Thank you, Kari, for coming here today! Hope you guys enjoyed it and be sure to read Fused: The Samantha Granger Experiment. Out Now!

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