Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nyxen's Featured Book of the Week (3)

We have another week of Book of the Week. :) I haven't done Blogger of the Week and I am super sorry. Forgive me?

Well, let's get on with the feature!

The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin
217 Pages Paperback
Scholastic 1978

This book...OMG! This book is just one amazing piece of literary genius. (That did not make sense but stick with me.) I remember when I wasn't a big reader back then and my uncle-who's only four years older than me- wanted me to read The Westing Game. I didn't want to because, well, I didn't like reading. But then I read it just to humor him and OH. MY. GOD.

This book is just amazing. I wish I could put many, many, many exclaimation marks just to prove it.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a small summary I got from Wikipedia.
Sixteen individuals who are mysteriously chosen to live in the Sunset Towers apartment building on the shore of Lake Michigan come together to hear the will of the self-made millionaire, Sam Westing. The will takes the form of a puzzle, dividing the sixteen heirs into eight pairs, giving each pair a different set of clues, and challenging them to solve the mystery of who killed Sam Westing. As an incentive, each heir is given $10,000 to play the game. Whoever solves the mystery will inherit Sam Westing's 200 million dollar fortune, along with his place in society.

I highly suggest this book to sleuths, future detectives, mystery fanatics or anyone who wants something worth remembering.


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