Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nyxen's Review of "Trickster's Girl"

Trickster's Girl by Hilari Bell
288 Pages
Houghton Mifflin Books (January 3rd, 2011)

A century after 9/11, in a high-tech, high-security world, magic is the last thing on anyone's mind.

Something bad is happening. Trees are dying. People are getting sick. Fifteen-year-old Kelsa's father died from cancer-a particularly aggressive case, the doctors said. Science has no answers.

Then Kelsa meets a boy. He's the most beautiful boy Kelsa's ever seen, but he's also very strange. He claims to be Raven, the mythological creature. He keeps going on about magic and an impending ecological disaster and that Kelsa must help him save the world.

Maybe he's crazy.

Or maybe he's telling her truths people have forgotten. And maybe she should help him, even if doing so means risking her own life.

Trickster's Girl takes place in 2098, in America, where things haven't changed a lot from today's society. Security is tighter, and Earth is changing, dying. Kelsa is a regular girl who experiences a tragedy. Her father dies and she starts to become represssive. In an effort to take a stand and rebel, she steals her father's ashes to have a proper burial at a park. But at the park, she meets someone, someone different.

Raven, a shape-shifting mythological being, who needs Kelsa's help to cure the tree plague and all the disasters happening to the Earth. But Kelsa can't really believe him because magic isn't something very easy to handle. It doesn't exist, very hard to believe. But Kelsa agrees to help Raven and go out on this expedition seeing as how she doesn't belong anywhere after he father died.

Trickster's Girl is an dystopian novel that really is interesting. I loved the idea that the author used something that is happening in our everyday life, global warming, and how she intermixed it with a dash of fantasy. It was interesting but up until a certain extent.

Kelsa wasn't a character that was like 'WOW' to me. She did an exceptional job but that was it. She didn't captivate me as much as I would have liked. Raven, though, he was interesing. I loved him in a way that made up for Kelsa...Does that sound bad? He was quirky, mysterious and just plain weird. I enjoyed reading about him.

The adventures they have together were okay for my taste. Kelsa had to escape from Raven's enemies about a thousand times (not really) just because she was trying to help. I liked their adventure to save civilization and Earth but it just didn't captivate me as much.

I'm sure other people would enjoy it and as a whole I would probably give it Four and a half stars......

But I wasn't too fond with it so I rate it Three Stars

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