Sunday, February 6, 2011

There shouldn't be a title (HIATUS)

I'm a horrible, horrible girl. :O

I haven't posted in a week and it's been so hard to try and schedule posts. I haven't been interacting with any other bloggers and I miss that. It's the beginning of my second term at high school, 10th grade, and everything is so hectic.

Right now, I'm supposed to be doing an essay but I'm writing this. And I don't mind but I need to write that essay. School has been taking over my life and everything else in between. I guess what I'm trying to say is this blog is going on a short hiatus. It might be two weeks, it might be a month. ):

I just need to wrap my head around everything and not worry about this blog and all my followers.

I'll be back soon, don't worry! And when I do, there will be a post everyday. (Hopefully.)

Don't be mad at me. I hope you'll forgive me.


  1. Good luck with school!

    Don't worry about the hiatus. Sometimes other things just have to take priority over blogging.

  2. Oh no! Ugh, doesn't high school stink sometimes? Gah, I'm a sophomore too and it gets tough sometimes :/ I hope things start letting up! (:


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