Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nyxen's Beginning in the Middle of the Year

Hello avid readers, writers and bloggers. If you are familiar with me then you would know that I've had plenty of blogs that all went down the drain. Well, no need to worry about that anymore.

Everyone has a story. Whether it may be short or long, or happy or sad. Not many people have the privilege to write their story so this is where that puts me. I won't let that privilege slip away. Every word, phrase, sentence and paragraph will be written. My life will be documented and it will rock. Okay, now I have no idea where I'm going with this. All I have to say is that everyone has a voice, and I'm speaking out.


  1. nice intro.... and yo!

    - the Thief King

  2. Hey! Welcome and all that jazz. (Do I get a cookie now?) Just kidding. You don't actually need to give me a cookie. (No, really, please?)

    So, good luck keeping this blog afloat. Learning how to swim can take some perserverance. I'll try to follow up on you, so make sure you don't let all your adoring fans down! And remember...

    I'll be watching.



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