Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nyxen's Jouney Through Jackie's Quinceanera

May 15, 2010 was a very fun day for me and my friends. That day, one of my closest friends, Jackie, had a quinceanera. If you don't know what a quinceanera, it's a day where you celebrate a young girl's coming of age at fifteen. It's mostly celebrated within the Hispanic and Latino cultures but I think anyone could have one if they wanted to. What happens before the big day is a lot of planning. You must book a salon, a church, buy the cake, buy the invitations, send out the invitations, etc...

There is a lot of planning involved in doing a quinceanera and in the end it's always almost perfect. The places are usually beautiful and the birthday girl is gorgeous. And I was lucky enough to be apart of one (one of many).

This was the birthday girl, and one of my best friends. I've known Jackie since fourth grade and I was happy to celebrate her fifteenth birthday with her. I could tell you that she looks absolutely gorgeous. I was incredibly jealous of her dress and how pretty she looked. We danced the night away and I couldn't have felt happier that day. I was so glad that she asked me to be apart of her quinceanera. All I can say is that I had one hell of a time.

The whole day was filled with happiness, fun, and dancing. Going to her quiinceanera just made me want mine to come faster. Especially since the place she had it was at a beautiful garden. It was the most prettiest place I have ever seen. There was a small river with an arch type of thing. Gosh, I suck at describing. But the grass was gree, as in very green. There was hardly a dead spot of grass there. All I knew was May fifteen was one of the best days ever.

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