Monday, May 3, 2010

Nyxen's Journey Through Her First Communion

Over the past six months or so (it's actually been eight) I've been attending a class to receive my First Communion. If you don't have any knowledge of a First Communion then I will tell you. Your First Communion is the day when you finally receive communion. Communion is when you get to take the bread(the body of Christ) and the wine(the blood of Christ) for the first time. It's very common among Catholics to take communion every Sunday they go to church. Now, I'm not well educated on other religions so I'm not too sure if Christians do this too.

In order to receive your First Communion you need to take a class, Catechism. That's where you learn all about church, communion and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Now, I'm not religious but it was very interesting learning about my religion. On May 2nd I got to do my First Communion so I am relieved that I got everything over with. So, now when I go to church every Sunday I get to eat the bread. But not drink the wine since it's disgusting! Red wine=death. I hate alcohol.

This is my brother and I taking pictures. I had to crouch down to his level to make him and I equal. He's so small. :)

We took pictures with our godparents because, well, shouldn't we? My godparents were my grandmother and my uncle. My brother's godparents we our uncle and aunt. They aren't married. just in case you were wondering. (:

One last picture. We took more but I think three pictures is enough to show.

I don't think this picture needs any explaining. That's our priest, along with me and my brother (or is it my brother and I?). It was a tiring day, May 2nd. Hooray.! Can't you just feel my enthusiasm?


  1. Your dress is adorable.

    This blog is adorable.

    Congratulations and all that jazz :D

  2. Congrats on your first communion! What a special day for any Catholic, and I love that you got to share it with your brother!

    You've got a cute blog going on, keep it up!


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