Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nyxen's Idea Involving Harry Potter

Were you disappointed when you didn’t receive your Hogwarts acceptance letter in the mail when you turned eleven? Are you now older than seventeen and have given up hope on ever getting that letter?

Well, don’t stop hoping! Hogwarts is returning for another term and they want you to attend. Yes, you! Now it’s your turn to partake in Hogwarts lessons and follow along with Harry and his adventure. All throughout the year, we’ll go through the Harry Potter series and discuss everything we like, dislike, adore, hate, love and even worship about it.

In honor of the Harry Potter series coming to a close – movie wise – I want Hogwarts and all of the fans to live on. Do you want to go to Hogwarts for the first time ever? Well, I can’t get you there…but I can get you just as close. My blog is turning into Hogwarts and it wants you to join.

• Every week I will post a music video involving the Harry Potter Fandom from Youtube. If you want yours to be posted just email me.
• I will post links to worthy enough fanfictions that I think are pretty good and that you might enjoy.
• You will read a couple chapters from a Harry Potter book that I assign and then we’ll discuss them later on.
• Throughout the year you can send in pictures of you showing your Harry Potter love. Show us what it takes to be a Harry Potter fan in your mind.

To get started just Fill Out This Form and wait for your acceptance letter in the mail (via email.) The owls are currently unavailable.
If you have any better ideas please voice them out. I am happy to hear new ideas from you guys!

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