Monday, July 26, 2010

Nyxen Has Julie from Bloggers-Heart-Books On The Blog

To kick off this awesome week of fairytales, I have Julie from Bloggers-Heart-Books guest posting today.

Take it away Julie!


For hundreds of years, fairy tales have enchanted people everywhere. First, they taught essential moral lessons. Today, they provide entertainment and the much sought after “Happily Ever After”.

As a kid, I had several favorites. Sleeping Beauty and The Swan Princess were most definitely my top two. The stories enchanted me. Seeing a prince go to such lengths for the girl he loves caused mini-me to swoon. Especially in The Swan Princess, when they started by hating each other. Once I grew older, The Beauty and the Beast became another favorite. Such a strong, intelligent heroine who loves books. That library, oh that library.

I loved every fairytale I could get my hands on, with a few exceptions. Snow White always bugged me, at first for her voice. In the past few months, I’ve come to realize that she’s also quite stupid and helpless. Cinderella is slightly better, though it’s far from a favorite.

But what is it that makes us all love fairytales so much now-a-days, when in the past they were a horror?

When we’re little girls and boys, we get to pretend we’re the princess and the prince. The beautiful princess, who’s most likely a good singer, falling utterly in love. Often times, they were strong heroines we could admire as well. The princes daring dragons and thorn forests and every other thing in the sun.

Then we get older. We learn that being a prince/princess really isn’t as glamorous as Disney makes it seem. So, why are we still enthralled?

Now we know that Happily Ever After doesn’t work. Sure, people get married and have kids and grow old together or whatever else they consider their happy ending. But life is so much more difficult and painful than that. Once we start growing up, we start learning how horrible life can be and the idea of a perfect happy ending, with minimal bumps in the road, is appealing.

From childhood to teenage…hood to adult hood, we’ll always need fairytales. Because tn a world where nothing is perfect, they will always hold a place in our hearts.


Thank you, Julie, for stopping by today. It's really a pleasure.

Stop by tomorrow to catch my interview with Jackson Pearce and her love of fairy tales. My first Author Interview! I'm so excited!!

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