Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nyxen Interviews Jackson Pearce

Today is a very special day here at Nyxen's Sidewalk Journey Through Life. Today I have my first interview! And it's by none other than Jackson Pearce herself!

So, let's begin!

1) Thanks Jackson for doing this! In honor of Fairy Tale week here at Nyxen's Adventure, what are your top five favorite fairy tales?

JP: This list is always changing, but at present:
-The Snow Queen
-12 Dancing Princesses
-The Little Mermaid
-Little Red Riding Hood
-Hansel and Gretel

2) What fairy tales gave you the most fright when you were younger?

JP: There were specific parts of fairytales that scared me when I was younger-- even though it's not a part of the original fairytale, I remember that when the sea witch went all ENORMOUS and stormy in the Little Mermaid movie, it terrified me!

3) If you could be apart of any fairy tale, which would it and why?

JP: Hm, probably the 12 Dancing Princesses. Who wouldn't want to dance all night? Plus, I wouldn't want to tromp through the woods with monsters or take on a witch, personally...

4) You just released your sophmore novel "Sisters Red" which is a re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood. Does that mean fairy tales have always been apart of your life? Did you always love reading different kinds of fairy tales?

JP: I think fairytales have always been a part of my life-- and everyone's life. They're so engrained into our culture that even if you don't read the stories, you know them. In the past few years, I've been especially caught up in reading every version of certain fairytales-- the Chinese Red Riding Hood, the Native American Cinderella...all of them!

5) Will we expect more fairy tale re-tellings from you, if yes would you mind sharing some details about them?

JP: My third book, SWEETLY, is set in the same world as SISTERS RED. It's a retelling of Hansel and Gretel, set in a South Carolina chocolatier.

6) And one last question before you go. Could you tell us about a memory you had when you were younger about that involved and fairy tales?

JP: Oh, that's really tough. Pinocchio isn't really a fairytale, so to speak (or at least, it's not an old one-- it was written in the 1880s or so), but I loved it. I even had Pinnochio themed Christmas ornaments!

Jackson Pearce

Thanks again, Jackson! Catch Jackson on her website at www.jacksonpearce.com and make sure you buy both her books:

Stay tuned tomorrow for another guest post by an awesome blogger!

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