Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nyxen's Review of Eclipse: The Movie Plus Something More

This is my first movie review so let's see what happens.

I saw Eclipse on Friday, July 2 and let me tell you, it was pretty darn awesome. I say that Eclipse is the best movie out of the other two. It was more action packed and was just better. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have really evolved as their characters in this movie.

Their acting was so much better and it actually felt like I was watching an actual movie. David Slade is brilliant, he is amazing. I'm so glad he directed this movie. Everything was completely different when he directed. The movie followed the book very well that it was impossible for a Twihard NOT to love it. Even though the first two movies didn't exceed my expectations, this one did. It was just amazing.

Ever since Twilight was going to come out, the Saga erupted. It was suddenly everywhere and, only if you were living under rock, you knew what it was and who the brilliant mind behind the novels was. Everywhere you turned, there it was, staring at you. Whether it be a poster, a shirt, or an accessory, there it was.

I know I'm going way out there with the movie review but I feel this must be said.

People say that Stephenie Meyer is a joke of a writer. That she can't write worth a damn. But I say that isn't true, even if I do sometimes question her act of writing. If she couldn't write, she wouldn't have gotten an agent. If she couldn't write, she wouldn't have been published. If she couldn't write, she wouldn't have had her book optioned for a movie. Meyer has created a world where an ordinary girl could get the hottest, unique, most perfect guy. Where not all vampires are monsters but sparkle in the sunlight. Where you could have a best friend who is also a werewolf. Some say this is stupid but I know you are all jealous that you don't have a perfect boyfriend.

I was one of those, and then it made me hate it. But I realized that there isn't any point to hate a book which got many people to start reading again.

That's something I treasure with The Twilight Saga. Stephenie Meyer wrote a book which made everyone pick up and start reading, even when they hated to read. Twilight has changed the lives of many people. Now everyone wants to find more books and just devour them. That's what I love about it.

I went way off topic. This was supposed to be a review for the movie. I'm sorry about this but I still hope you enjoyed reading this.

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  1. I agree that Meyer isn't as bad a writer as people say. Her style's is fine, but it's the plot I don't like.


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