Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nyxen's Journey In Colorado (Day 2)

If you remember from last post, we made it to Colorado in one piece. Now let's talk about the day after, Monday July 26, 2010.

Monday was probably one of the worst days just because I woke up at around 6am. I haven't had a proper night's sleep in about two days. We woke up at that time because at 7am, my brother had practice. Practice at 7 freaking AM! I hated it. I was in a grouchy mood for a couple of hours. But I had food and then I was better. :P So, my brother practiced for a couple hours in a baseball field in Colorado. That was pretty cool and then when they finished their practice, we got bored.

It took us awhile to decide what to do but then one of the parents said we should go on a hike. Honestly, we weren't dressed in hiking clothing. I was wearing converse, black skinny jeans, and a white, sort-of dressy shirt. Seriously, those clothes are not meant for hiking. So we went to this place. I have no idea what it was called but there was a waterfall! I love waterfalls so I got excited. The walk from the starting point to the waterfall was about a quarter of a mile but it seemed even longer! I was probably out of shape back then. :P

We walked to the the beginning of the river, crossed the bridge, took pictures and admired the beauty of the wonderful, lively waterfall. It was breathtaking. And we also got to climb rocks leading up to the waterfall. It may sound weird but everyone just kept climbing rock after rock. I got some of that on video so when I get my video camera all set up I'll post it on here. :D That was a good day because it's not everyday you see a waterfall. It actually inspired me to write a story with that setting. That won't come until much later.

After the hike, we went back to the hotel and just chilled. I honestly went back, got my laptop, and strayed to the lobby where the internet lived while everyone went to the pool and did some activities. I also think that day we had a BBQ birthday for a kid but I can't remember if it was this day or a different day...Grrr. I'll probably write is in another day....Dang! Why can't I remmeber?!

Well, that was my Monday in Colorado. :D

How was your day today?

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