Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nyxen's Music Video Saturday (3)

We are now on week three of Music Video Saturday. But seriously guys, what do you think of this feature? Do you like where this is going? Anyways...

Let's get started! :D

Today, instead of one of my decisions, Ari from Teens Actually Read gave me this idea.


Ari said that this song really relates to Split by Swati Avashti because "They [Novel & Song] both focus on abuse and how the woman feels she can't leave. No matter how hard she tries. It's so ingrained in her that she loves this man that continues to hurt her."

I see where Ari is going with this. Now I need to read this book!

What do you guys think? And do you have any suggestions for next week's post?
Leave a comment! And thank you Ari for helping me out this week.

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