Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nyxen on Clubs

Yesterday, our school had something called Club Rush. It's a time, once every beginning of the school year, where all club presidents meet in the quad and have sign up sheets for their clubs. I signed up for G.S.A. (Gay, Straight Alliance), F.H.A (Future Homemakers of America) and Key Club. I thought it would be very good to join something this year.

But after I joined those clubs, I started thinking. I want to do something to. I want to start my own club. And of course, it's a book club.

I want to do something that involves books, which is why I have a blog, but I also want to do something different. And then I realized that there isn't a book club at my school. I'm sure I'm not the only avid reader at a school of 3 thousand so I really want to do this. The thing is I'm not good at taking the lead or stepping up. I really have to break that habit.

I know that starting this book club would be a very good opportunity for me and other people who love to read. Another problem I have is that I don't know how to come about it. At my school, you have to have a sponsor. In this case it's a teacher. Now, I know most of you are book freaks (seeing as how you're reading this blog) so I want your opinions and tips and help. What do you think should go into starting a book club?

Besides my problems, I want to know about you guys. Are there clubs at your school? Have you joined any? Or, for the people not in school yet, which clubs are you anticipating to join? Leave a comment and discuss! :D

P.S. What would be a very awesome book club name?

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