Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nyxen's Journey In Colorado (Day 1)

I am seriously pissed right now. I had everything typed up and my stupid butt suddenly presses the wrong button and deletes everything!!! The whole freaking thing is deleted. And now I have to start all over. I'm pissed. I don't think I can write it like I did the first time.

If you remember from a month ago, I told you guys I was going on vacation. Anyway, this post-and several others later on-will be all about my vacation to Colorado and what we did. Let's get it started now!

On July 24, 2010, my family and I woke up to a very busy and exciting day. It was the day that we were all waiting for. We finally made it to our trip. From 9 am to 5pm, everything was hectic. We were all running around, trying to figure out if we had everything. Our bags were packed and we were just waiting for my brother's friend Robert and his mom, Liz. They arrived at around 2 and it was now my dad's job to try and get all of our luggage into my mom's truck. My dad told me that my suitcase was going to go on top of the truck and I pleaded, telling him I wouldn't let him do that. I was just scared that my bag was going to fall off while we were on the freeway. After much consideration and reluctance my dad finally put my bag in the trunk. I was very grateful. :P

My dad got evrything to fit but we still had one more person to pick up, my uncle. My mom drove, my dad was in the passenger seat, me and Liz were in the next row of seats and then my brother and Robert were in the last row of seats. It doesn't seem like a very packed car but trust me, it was. Especially after we picked up my uncle. My dad had to make room for his two bags and I had to squeeze in the middle. I'm not very fond of middle seats and sometimes I think I get claustrophobic. After that, we went to the park to wait for everyone else.

In case you didn't know why I went to Colorado, I'll tell. My brother, he's a baseball player, just nine (now ten) years old. He is on the Valley Cats Travel Team. Because of him, we do travel a nice amount. But mostly around California. We were going to Colorado because it was hosting the Triple Crown World Series. That is why we went.

So, we went to the park to wait for the rest of the team because I guess they wanted to caravan. They all wanted to get to the hotel at the same time, I guess. While we were waiting, another parent had brought window paint. So for the remainder of the time-an hour and a half-we all wrote things on the car's windows. Mostly supportive slogans, the kid's numbers and their names. At 5:30 pm we decided to leave the park and start driving.

The first hours in the car weren't that bad. I guess it was all that buzz and excitedness from getting to Colorado. After driving, and driving, and driving, my dad finally decided that the car need gas. So we stopped at Death Valley. Seriously, out of all the places we could have stopped at, we stopped at one of the hottest places in California during the summer! It was about 109 degrees. It was torture. I feel sorry for those of you who live in places like that. I wonder how you manage.

I honestly don't remember where else we stopped. All I know is that we went through California(obviously), Nevada, Arizona, Utah and then Colorado.

The sleeping arrangements were horrid..(can I use that word?) My mom had stopped driving around Las Vegas so she came and sat next to me while my uncle sat in the passengers seat. My dad was driving. I couldn't fall asleep at all so my mom made me lay my head on her lap. But that isn't very comfortable when you're sitting and trying to avoid making contact with the person sitting next to you. Everything was just awkward. But in the end I did fall asleep, occasionally waking up but that was about it.

It wasn't until 7 AM when I officially woke up and we were finally in Colorado. That was probably 6 AM pacific time and 9 eastern time. Yes, I know my time zones. :P We stopped and ate McDonald's and then continued driving. We were in Colorado but not yet to Steamboat Springs. That was even further than Denver. So we drove, and drove and drove all morning when we finally made it to Steamboat Springs, Colorado!

We were staying at a hotel called Celebrity Resorts Hilltop. It sounds very fancy but trust me, it wasn't! Our only dilemma was that our room wasn't ready. SO we waited for another hour or so until it was. In the meantime, though, we explored and found a restaurant. It was called The Egg and I. At first, it didn't sound so appetizing because I'm not a fan of eggs. I mean, whenever ever I eat just a small amount I get kind of sick. After we were done eating the front desk of the hotel called us letting us know that our room was ready. We left the restaurant and immediately went back to the hotel.

We got our key and went in. The rooms were pretty big. The main room had a kitchen filled with supplies, a bathroom, a living room with two couches and a tv, and a closet. That's where my uncle slept. The next room was the master bedroom where my parents and brother slept. There was a dresser, a chair, a desk, a tv, a queen sized bed, a closet, a walk-in closet and a bathroom. That was awesome!. :P The next room was a connecting room, it only had two beds, a tv, a small kitchenette, a bathroom and a closet. Robert and Liz slept on one bed while I got the other. The whole room together was pretty big.

For the remainder of the day we unpacked, explored the hotel and went grocery shopping. :D I learned that the hotel had five stories, a pool, a mini-golf course, tennis courts, and a small picnic area. And the only accessible internet I could get was at the lobby. I was angry at that but I survived.

And, that was my first day at Colorado, a different state entirely. Stay tuned for more amazing posts on my trip to Colorado.

And forgive me for not posting any pictures. I'm using my mom's laptop because mine is currently taking a 'break.' She needs a new charger and I don't know when I'll get that.

What did you think? Pretty boring day, huh?

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