Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nyxen Apologizes But She Has To Do It

Today is a sad day in many ways, or maybe just one. Because of school and everything else inbetween, I'm gonig to have to take a break from blogging.

I'm very sad to make this announcement but it's the sad truth. School is hectic, I'm afraid to flunk both my math AND physics class, and I just need a break. If I could I would take a break from school because this blog is wayyyyy more imoportant *teehee* than school.

Do not worry though! I could never give up blogging about books officially so it's only going to be a short break. Most likely, around 2 weeks. I'll be back the day I announce the winner of my first giveaway, which is Ocotber 15. So, if you haven't entered I suggest you do because you have a really HIGH chance of winning. CLICK HERE. That's all I wanted to say, and again, I'm super sorry.

But when I do get back, hopefully, there will be more book reviews and a post every single day. Plus, you have all of November to look foward to because I am planning this EPIC event! So, stay tuned because I am not officially gone.

Have a great day and Happy Reading!

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  1. Aweeeeeee :( I'm sorry that everything is building up. I definitely know what you mean. As the school year continues, it's getting worse for me too. It sucks.

    Yay! You won't be away for that long! I hope your break is pretty good.

    Also, I just realized that I wasn't subscribed to your blog! Gah. All this time I thought I was :P Love the blog!



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