Wednesday, November 10, 2010

30 Days of Harry Potter (Day 10 - TeensActuallyRead)

It's been 10 days of 30 Days of Harry Potter! How are you enjoying this Big Event? I hope you like it!

Today we have Ari from Teens Actually Read. Let's welcome Ari!
Take it away Ari!


So we all know that Harry Potter usually comes out around late November. We also know that Thanksgiving is aroudn that time. However, Im pretty sure most people spend their thanksgivings sitting around a table with some form of meat with dozens of sides and some premade desserts. Not sitting in a freezing theater with cheese sticks, popcorn, soda and surround sound blowing their eardrums out.

But then if you asked my family we would say that is how most people should be spending their thanksgivings. Only once in the past few years have we gone to some dinner for hours and hours to be tortured instead of going to see the movies newest installment. That was when movie six got bumped to summer. And we were tortured. And the one thing we said after the door closed behind us as we held our lukewarm pumpkin cheesecake? We should have been at harry party.

This year we are already reminding each other that we WILL spend thanksgiving at the movies. And we WILL be seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


I love how her family spends their time watching Harry Potter. My parents can't stand it. Well, they can but they just won't sit through a movie, especially a midnight premiere.

Visit Ari at her blog at BLOG and totally check out her posts!

Thanks Ari, for writing this guest post.

Happy Reading!

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