Friday, November 12, 2010

30 Days of Harry Potter (Day 12 - CourtneyReads)

On this amazing Friday, we have one of my good friend/blogger buddies Courtney from Courtney-Reads.
Let us welcome her to the blog!

I remember the day my mom handed me Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. It was sometime in 2000. I was seven and going up to New Jersey to meet my step-dad's family for the first time. Nervous doesn't even cover how I felt. And that 9 hour drive was just making me jittery. So, my mom had my dad stop at the store. She ran inside and back out in no time.

When she settled back into the car, she turned to me with a book in her hand.
She said "Courtney. My student was reading this the other day and she said it was great. I want you to read it now."

As she handed it to me, my eyes fell onto one of the books that would change my life. On the trip back home, I made my parents stop and buy me Book 2, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

I was hooked.

And when the movies released... Oh my, don't get me started! I was the happiest child on the planet! And after the first time we saw HPSS on the big screen, my dad was hooked, too! He then made a vow that we would always go see the very first showing our theater was having for each of the movies.

That vow has held nine years now. Deathly Hollows is approaching fast and my dad and I have already made plans for the midnight showing.

Harry Potter has touched the lives of many, including mine. My love for reading wouldn't be the same today if my mom hadn't made me read that day in 2000.


Awh, this guest poost was very sweet. Thanks Courtney, for writing this amazing post!

You can read more of Courtney's posts over at her BLOG

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