Wednesday, November 17, 2010

30 Days of Harry Potter (Day 17 - OverflowingShelf)

It's Wednesday today! :D Let's welcome Danielle from Overflowing Shelf to my blog.

As far back as I can remember Harry Potter has been part of my life. I am currently 18 and the Harry potter books came out when I was just starting elementary school. At that time, my mother was working for the children's division of scholastic reading children books to present to schools. She read Harry Potter for work and then immediately shared it with my sister and I. My mother started off reading the books to both me and my sister and then brought us the audiobooks of the first two books. My sister and I would listen to the audiobook constantly. Jim Dale was a fabulous narrator and my sister and I could recite the lines back. We even listened to the audiobooks on cassettes so many times that we ended up breaking the cassettes.

I feel as if I've been growing up along with Harry Potter. I remember the first "real" book I ever read was the first Harry Potter book. When the movies came out, my sister and I were ecstatic. Now the world my sister and I had pictured in our head was coming to life. I still even have my movie ticket stub from the first movie.

Harry Potter is a book in a class of it's own. I truly feel like Harry Potter is the book that inspired my book obsession and love of reading. I remember staying up until all hours of the night whenever a new Harry Potter book would come out. When the final book was released, it felt like an end of an era. The books were over, along a small part of my childhood.

Luckily, they were still making the movies. However, now as the first part of the final movie is being released, I truly feel as if my childhood is ending. I've grown up with these characters, their struggles and emotions. Seeing the last film is going truly be a blow, but the Harry potter series is a series that will be around forever. The first books I will give my children will be my own copies of Harry potter. Harry potter is truly magical and will be around, enchanting readers, for years to come.


I really enjoyed your guest post, Danielle! I awed at the beginning, how your mom read you the books.

You can visit Danielle at her BLOG and tell her how much you enjoyed this guest post!

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