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30 Days of Harry Potter (Day 24 - VampsWeresandCassay)

We have Cassay, a fellow blogger, today! Let's give it up for her. :D


First off I would like to thank Nyxen for allowing me to share my Harry Potter experiences with you all.

Well I may get myself virtually murdered for this next comment but please hear me out and let me
explain myself...

I originally HATED Harry Potter (I know shocker hey? How could anyone hate Harry Potter?) I was in
grade 4/5ish I believe when the books first came out and I remember making fun of a girl in my class for
reading them – I thought it sounded dorky (I had an image back then to up keep (this was when Spice
Girls were cool)). I also didn’t like reading back then either.

I was in grade 7, I believe - if my math is correct when the movie was released in theatres. I didn’t go to
the first one in theatres but my mom insisted on buying the VHS (back when you could still get VHS) and
forced me to watch it with her and my little sister. Well I wasn’t impressed at all.

Then when The Chamber of Secrets came to theatre we were meeting some friends at the local theatre
to watch a different movie little did we know when we got there that our friends had bought tickets to
Harry Potter. Oh I was not a happy camper not only did I not want to go; we had to sit in the front row.
Being someone who is terrified of spiders you can just image how I felt when a giant Aragog popped in
front of my face.

Now let’s fast forward to Prisoner of Azkaban. This where this story takes a change for the best. I was
forced once again to go see Harry Potter. I figured I’ve seen the first 2 I may as well watch this one. Well
am I glad I did because I walked out of the theatre going “WOW I LOVE Harry Potter!” The girl I mention
above who started reading books above was working at the theatre at the time and gave me a lecture
about how the book was better. But I didn’t care I hated reading.

Then Goblet of Fire comes out I was so excited to see it that I went and stood for 2 hours (I thought this
was a long time to wait) in line and when we left the theatre I was kinda sad. I was expecting a lot more
out of it.

Jump forward a few years and I meet a friend of my boyfriend who loves Harry Potter. Order of the
Phoenix comes out and we go together. I went in with lower expectations because I didn’t want to be
let down. All I can say is The Order of the Phoenix brought back my love for Harry Potter and made it

I started working at an accounting firm in 2008 and I was getting bored at lunch and figured I should try
reading. So I went and bought the Harry Potter series I love it and read the entire series in a month. This
was pretty good for me seeing I was a very slow reader. I only read the books we were forced to read in

The Half Blood Prince was my very first Midnight release and was it ever fantastic! I bought Luna’s glass to wear for it. We had a blast.

This past Halloween I went out and bought a Hogwarts student costume. I was lucky enough to be able to fit into the Kids Large otherwise I would have to be Lord Voldemort. Everyone at work made fun of me but I didn’t care it was awesome.

This brings me to November 2010. We are planning to go to the midnight release again this year. It has the best crowd! And I will be wearing this:

Yes, I know its Madame Hooch’s hat but I like it better than the student’s hats.

I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read about my world wind adventure I like to call Harry Potter.

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As you can see, Cassay really get's into the spirit. I love her costume.!!Be sure to visit her BLOG.

Happy Reading everyone! And have an excellent Potter-ish day.

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