Thursday, November 25, 2010

30 Days of Harry Potter (Day 25 - Andrea Cremer)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! I hope you all have an excellent day with your families. This is a day of giving thanks and to appreciate the ones you love.

And in other awesome news, we have an amazing author. Give it up for Andrea Cremer!


Beyond the Chosen One

Books that truly steal my heart have something in common: they’re about more than the
struggles of the central character. If I’m only engaged in the hopes and fears of one character in a novel, I don’t throw myself into the world with the abandon that I will if a slew of people and their problems are keeping me occupied.

The world of Harry Potter is one of the best examples of a series that has a wealth of diverse, quirky people and creatures to hold your attention and tug at your heart strings. Both villainous and heroic the broad cast of JK Rowling’s masterpiece is one of its hallmarks. Without this layering of characters, Harry Potter wouldn’t be the wonder that it is. Though at heart the story is about Harry finding his way through the world and ultimately finding a way to defeat Voldemort, that wasn’t the part of the books I cared about the most.

I was always more engaged with whether Fred and George would make it as joke-shop
entrepreneurs, if Remus Lupine would stop hating himself, what the latest gossip in the Quibbler was, who would make it through Quidditch tryouts, why the centaurs were so angry, and what terrifying pet Hagrid would adopt next. By creating such vivid characters and letting none exist as a placeholder or empty vessel, JK Rowling gave us a world filled with people and places to love and feel we were a part of.

The Chosen One has an important role to fill, but without a great supporting cast backing him up, Harry Potter wouldn’t have enchanted us as completely as he did.


You can find out more abour Andrea on her WEBSITE or at her BLOG and be sure to read her book Nightshade. I haven't read it yet but I hear it's amazing!

Thanks, Andrea!

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  1. Well said! I agree & I find that Nightshade has amazingly believable characters as well :D


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