Thursday, November 4, 2010

30 Days of Harry Potter (Day 4 - Harmony'sRadiantReads)

Today,on the blog, we have my very special friend Harmony! :D And let me tell you all something... she just sent me her post this morning. But I'm not doing anything about it because it's hard to be mad or upset at her. You're lucky, Harmony!!
So, let's welcome Harmony today!

Harry Potter. It at least goes through my mind once a day. I started watching the movies when I was what, five? And my entire childhood revolved around the movies, the wizards, and running around with a stick wand in my little hands.

Bianca asked me what I’m doing in anticipation for the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. Well, I know I am a disgrace to Harry Potter love for saying this, but…I haven’t read the books! There, I said it! I’m a total Harry Potter fangirl but I’ve never read the books! So I plan to read them all before November 20th, and I hope I can make it with all the work being thrown at me!
I’ll be going to the midnight release with a bunch of friends, and probably gonna go dressed as some Harry Potter Characters.

A big question everyone is asking themselves is, what’s gonna happen after Harry Potter is over? I may or may not cry a bit after the last movie comes out in 2011, because it means that there will be no more movies to for me to fangirl over excessively with my sister and neighbor. It means no more rushing to buy HP tickets so I can watch it the day it releases in movie theaters. But it doesn’t mean the end of Harry Potter.

I don’t think anyone ever will forget the phenomenon that was Harry Potter, not even years from now. It’s a story we’ll pass down to our kids and their kids as well since it made up so a large chunk of our lives. And it’s also a reminder that ‘Hey, she is the largest self-made millionaire in the world…and she wrote a children’s book.’ Smack in the face to all the people who don’t consider Children’s/YA a genre, right? JK Rowling is legendary. And won’t fade away.
And thank god for DVD, right?



And that was Harmony! :D
Isn't she awsome? You can check out her BLOG to see even more amazing posts from her.

Thank you, Harmony! You're awesome!

Until next time,

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