Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30 Days of Harry Potter (Day 3 - Lani Woodland)

Today, on 30 Days of Harry Potter, author Lani Woodland visits my blog with her input on all things Harry Potter. Enjoy this epic post.

I didn’t hear about the Harry Potter books until right after Goblet of Fire came out. I was looking for a book to read on a plane ride and
saw book one at the grocery store. In the back of my mind I remembered
one of my friends mentioning the series and seeing something in the
paper about a girl waiting to buy her book wearing an invisibility
cloak, so I picked it up. While reading on the plane, enjoying it, I
burst out laughing, much to the surprise of my fellow passengers, when
I read about the Dursley’s having to take Dudley to London to get his
pig-tail removed! That was the moment I realized I was hooked. I had
no idea how huge the series already was until I went to go pick up the
other three books.

Without a doubt, the scene in the third book when we discover the
true identity of Scabbers, was the moment I realized what a well
thought out series Harry Potter was. It was an amazing twist, a moment
of pure genius. I have loved all of the books but the third was my
favorite. It also has to do with us being introduced to Lupin and
Sirius. It cemented my love of Harry Potter and of JK Rowling.

One of my favorite scenes was when George and Fred finally leave
Hogwarts in the Order of the Phoenix, and fly on their broomsticks
into the sunset. It was so classically them. I also giggled
uncontrollably when the Weasley’s visited Harry’s Aunt and Uncle in
Goblet of Fire using the Flue network. It’s a good view of the
supporting cast of characters that really round out the Harry Potter
universe. I love them all.

As far as celebrating Harry Potter in the past I went to the Barnes
and Noble midnight release parties for the last three books, the
midnight showing of the last two movies and have enjoyed listening to
my husband (channeling his inner Jim Dale) read the books out loud to
our children. My whole family is looking forward to the seventh movie
coming out in November. We’ve all watched the previews several times
and look at each other in anticipation. We’re going to go see it together, but probably not at themidnight showing, since my daughter is a little young for that. (I’ll be seeing the midnight showing with my girlfriends instead).

I think the very best thing about Harry Potter is it’s a series of
books and movies that people of all ages can watch together. At my
husband’s family reunion this last summer, we all enjoyed the movie
together in a room filled with everyone from four year olds up to some
in their late eighties. It’s truly magical that JK Rowling was able to
create a world that people of all ages can enjoy together and she
didn’t even need a wand from Ollivander’s to do it.


Thank you, Lani! I thought this was such an awesome guest post. To get to know Lani even better, visit her BLOG or her OFFICIAL SITE to get more info on her and her books!

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  1. I love Harry Potter! I agree with Lani about how well thought out the entire series was. It was AWESOME! I hope to go to the midnight showing myself!


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