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Nyxen & Friends on Christmas

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Happy Christmas everyone!!! How was everyone's Christmas Eve? I know for sure that not a lot of people will be on here on CHristmas but oh well. I'd still like to spread some christmas cheer on my blog. Today, you will hear from authors and bloggers on their favorite things about christmas. :D

Christmas is magical, and I'm not talking about Santa. It feels like everyone is in an extra-special good mood this time of year.
There are decorations in houses and shops - twinkly lights outside and beautiful trees inside. Oh, and don't forget all the yummy cookies
and treats to eat. No wonder everyone is so happy! We all get excited to find the perfect gift for our best friends and our family.
It's always fun to watch them open what we picked out for them. I guess what I like best is that Christmas makes people happy.
Merry Christmas!
-- Melina @ Reading Vacation

Christmas is hands down my favorite holiday. I am a total loser for Christmas songs and sparkly decorations and buying people presents! -- Jackson Pearce

Personally, Christmas in my eyes, is the best holiday of the year. Families and friends come together on this day to celebrate the joyous feeling of love and gift-giving. Of course I love presents but, my favorite thing about this holiday living in NY, are the festive lights and ornaments in the city. The joyous colors bring me happiness and warmth. So, I'd have to say, the Christmas atmosphere is my favorite part of this fun filled December! -- Eleni @ La Femme Readers

Christmas is an excuse to give for the joy of giving. It's the one time of year where the most unlikely people are inspired to random kindness. The time of year where we take stock in what we've done, how we've behaved and how we want to change with the New Year. It is truly a time when we think of others, where the expression of love transends those who are close to us. -- LM Preston

I adore Christmas and the holidays, mainly because I love GIVING people things. Yeah, getting is nice, but I'm one of those people who likes people jumping up and down excitedly because I got them the perfect thing. I probably spend way too much money on presents - it's the only time of the year where I really go shopping, and I spend months looking for the right present. (Once September hits, Christmas shopping is fair game.) I'm really excited this year - my friends and I are spending all day on the 18th doing a Christmas movie marathon and exchanging gifts and eating cookies. It's gonna be a LOT of fun. -- Nicole @ Word for Teens

Christmas is the one day of the year that our family does absolutely nothing…but we do it together! We spend the entire day in our pajamas, opening presents, cuddling up and watching movies, and eating the candy we got in our stockings. It’s my favorite day of the year! -- Kimberly Derting

My favorite thing about Christmas is the traditions. In my family that means watching White Christmas and reading The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve. I've moved out of my parents house and have a family of my own now- but we still have the same traditions! -- Kate @ A Reader's Ramblings

My favorite thing about Christmas is getting to drive around Christmas Eve looking at everyones Christmas lights and decorations. -- Cassie @ Vamps, Weres, and Cassay

My favorite part of Christmas has to be spending special time with family. The lights, the tree, the baking goodies, the music and wrapping gifts. It all makes me feel warm inside! Throw in a good book before the fireplace and it can't get any better! -- Sophie Jordan

My favorite part of Christmas is Christmas Eve, just before bed, when all the lights go out and the tree is left alone, twinkling with the promise of the morning. The anticipation is 90% of the fun! -- Kiersten White

What I like best about Christmas is the baking. I know it might sound bad that I'm not saying being with family... But I'm already with them all time!!! The special baked goods, though, are for the holidays only!
I love to bake, it's a lot of fun for me. And I always try to create something new every year. Then there are my grandmother's cookies and fudge. Oh, my! I just love it all!
-- Courtney Reads @ Courtney-Reads

I love the holiday season because 1) I have so much free time and 2) I have so much free time I can actually hang out with my friends and family! Hehe! Does that make me a bad person? Ahaha, I think it does. I pretty much only have time for my friends and family during the holidays!

I also love the icy beauty of December. I think that no matter what religion you are or holiday you celebrate, you can enjoy the pretty snow! I luff how universal December is.
-- Brent @ Naughty Book Kitties

Happy Christmas everyone!

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