Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nyxen's Journey Through Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day fellow bloggers and readers. How did you all spend this wonderful Sunday? Well, I'll tell you what my family did. We went to the Dodger Stadium!
Isn't that a wonderful picture? I spent the whole game taking pictures of all the players. I was excited. This was the first time I've sat field level. I was so close I could practically see their sweat. No, I'm joking. We weren't THAT close, but close enough. Today, the Los Angeles Dodgers played the Colorado Rockies. It was a pretty boring game with the score 2-0 Dodgers. Russel Martin hit a home run and I think Blake DeWitt scored. I can't remember. I was too busy admiring at how close we sat. Not only did we sit close, we also saw Dodger owner Frank McCourt.
This is my grandmother with him. She was very excited to take a picture with him. If you don't know yet, this blog won't just be about books and reviews. It's going to be about the journey of my life. Hence the name Nyxen's Sidewalk Journey Through Life. This is my life.

Here are some extra pictures:

That's me and my mom (or is it My mom and I?)

Number 99, Manny Ramirez on deck. (:

To see more pictures click here and it will lead you to my photobucket album with all the pictures I took.

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