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Nyxen's Review of Witch & Wizard

Witch and Wizard By James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet


Imagine you wake up and the world around you-life as you know it-has changed in an instant. That's what has happened to Whit Allgood and his sister, Whisty. They went to sleep as normal teenagers, and woke up as wanted criminals. Accused of holding incredible powers they'd never dreamed possible. And now, just how different they are-special, even-if just beginning to be revealed in a strange new world.

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I bought this book back in December when it was just coming out. I saw the commercial which mentioned Harry Potter and it immediately sparked my interest. Anything that revolves around Harry Potter, I must have. So, I bought it but never read it. I put it in my bookshelf and just left it. It wasn't until the beginning of this week when I decided to read it. I was curious as to what would happen. I have never read anything of James Patterson but I was anticipating some great things.

Once you open the first page, it's as if your in a trance and can't get out of it. From the very beginning, Whit and Wisty are caught in between what they thought they knew and the New Order. Whit and Wisty are whisked - I swear I won't use anymore 'W' words - away from the comfort of their beds in the middle of the night by the New Order. The New Order, to me, is the beginning of a new government turning into a Totalitarian society. They are takin the kids away from their parents and then are locked away in a prison until they are executed. Some of these kids aren't even teenagers yet. Whit and Wisty are taken away from their parents but are charged on the account of being a witch and a wizard. Whit and Wisty have no clue what the New Order is talking about. They are sent to prison, where it seems only kids reside, until they have to see The One Who Judges.

After being put to execution, Whit and Wisty try to escape. With the help of Whit's ghost girlfriend, Celia, they manage to escape the day before their execution. During their time in prison, Whit and Wisty learn that they indeed are a veery powerful witch and wizard. With no control over their magic just yet, they run for their lives and hope for the best. Escaping from the prison was just part of the novel. The remainder of the book shows us that The One Who Is The One - the man in charge of everyone and everything - wants something from Whit and Wisty but all they want to do it try and find their mom and dad. With the help of other children escapees, Whit and Wisty go on a journey to not only save their mom and dad but the rest of the children that are getting dragged away into a prison.

But you should know, nothing is ever quite that simple. With being the two most powerful beings, Whit and Wisty reach the Wanted list from the New Order. Their magic is slowly rreaching its high point but is that enough to save everything they once loved but is now lost? Not only that, but they find out about prophecies from The One Who Is The One involving them. One of them includes Whit and Wisty being executed. So, was escaping from the prison just a huge waste of time? Whit and Wisty don't think so. They want to put a stop to this totalitarian society once an for all.

I just loved every second of this book. I didn't read it in one sitting because I wanted to make it last. James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet keep the story line moving with the right dialouge and perfect descriptions. The action never ceases to amaze me and I was glad that I had finally read it. One thing that irked me was the way that it had ended. It was an open ending for a sequel, which is good, but a ton of things weren't explained. And I really don't want to wait until the sequel comes out. If there will ever be one.

All in all, I rate it Five Stars.

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