Monday, June 28, 2010

Nyxen's Journey Through Doctor Who

The date was April 10th, 2010, a day that would inevitably change my life. I remember that day because it was a cold, and rainy day. Well, maybe I just felt that way since I was really sick. It was a Friday morning, I was sick at home and couldn't got to school, when I decided to open my laptop. Some might say that would have been the worst decision I could have made, but I say otherwise. On that Friday morning I started to watch a British television show by the name of Doctor Who. I've seen fan made videos of Doctor Who on youtube before but I've never really paid attention to the actual fandom. I was always caught up in something that I never bothered to take notice. Boy, would that change. Because of a couple of people at Twitter I decided to finally watch Doctor Who.

At first, I had no idea where to watch them, but then I found a couple of websites where I could. I started with season 1 episode 1. The very first episode with Christopher Eccleston, this guy to the left, and Billie Piper. I was a little sad at first because I thought David Tennant played the Doctor in the first episode. I resented Christopher at first, but then I grew to love him and his dorkyness. To me, at that point in time, there was no one else. I fell in love with the possibility that Rose Tyler and the Ninth Doctor could fall in love. But then it all ended and the Ninth Doctor regenerated. Season 1 ended and the Tenth Doctor, otherwise known as David Tennant, replaced the Ninth Doctor. I was very sad when Christopher Eccleston was replaced but I was super excited when David replaced him, finally!

Look at that sexy man. Isn't David Tennat dreamy? I admit it, I am crushing on an older man. I can't help it, he's THE DOCTOR. How can you not love him? Well, anyway, David Tennant replace Christopher for the second season and that's where you see his and Rose's relationship really start to blossom. You can immediately feel the chemistry radiating throughout them. It was as if they were meant for each other. (AND NOT RIVER SONG!)

But if you hang out with The Doctor, you should know that bad things are going to happen. At the end of season two, something bad happens - and I won't tell you what because I suggest you go watch it. It's so terrible that The Doctor loses his one true love - that's Rose by the way. I was so distraught by it all that I let a few tears escape. After Rose left, a woman by the name of Freema Agyeman, a.k.a Martha. I really got attached to Martha in the third season. She was witty and very funny. One of my favorite episodes included her in it. It was the second episode of the third season. I really felt their chemistry but in friendship form. I was still sad that Rose was gone. I thought she would never come back! But wait, what's this?

The fourth season comes along. Martha stays on Earth but The Doctor gets a new companion. This one took me awhile to get used to. Catherine Tate played Donna, the companion that most irked me. For some reason I couldn't get myself to like her. She was just to, ugh. But that was in the beginning of season four. Towards the then I fell in love with hers and The Doctor's strong bond. There was something special about her and you see what happens.

So, since the fifth season has ended. I think it's time to post about my one true love. From now on (maybe every Saturday) I will blog about each and every episode starting from Season 1 Episode 1. I feel like this is good to express how I feel about each and every episode.

Remember, this is for me. If you don't like Doctor Who then you don't have to read the posts. But if you do, then I want to know what your favorite episodes are! And if you have never watched it, well, then you must!

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