Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nyxen On Writing

I tend to be a very bad writer. Not in the sense that my writing sucks but that I don't write. For some strange reason, even with brilliant ideas forming in my head, I don't write. There's something in that begs me to write and write but I just don't. I can't tell whether I'm procrastinating or just lazy but I just don't write. It sometimes eats me alive because I have to write, I just have to.

My dream is to write books for people. That's what I want to do. But if I can't write anything now, will I be able to write in the future? Right now I am writing this post but I'm staring at this notebook next to me and it's begging to be written on. Either that or my characters just won't stop for a couple of seconds for me to finish this post. Whatever the case I have to write but I just can't. Has this ever happened to you? If so, what did you do?

I'm thinking I should lock myself up in my room and turn of every electronic device, grab my notebook and just write. That's what I did last night. It was very refreshing but the only problem was, I wrote at night.

There is no hope for me. But on a bright note I will write right now. There is no stopping me today! Hope you enjoyed my rant. Just thought I should get it out there.


  1. It happens sometimes. Sometimes you don't feel like writing, sometimes even if your super excited about something and you want, you can't! It's like some strnage force is pushing you back from suceeding your goal!

    Doesn't mean that you won't EVER write. Sometimes you have to force yourself. Sometimes you have to lock yourself in your room, sometimes someone has to stand in front of you and not let you move until you've written (it's happened to me).

    Just everyday, turn off everything. All computers, all cell phones, EVERYTHING. Then sit down with a some food/drink if you like and just...let it out.

    Maybe everything you write will be crap, maybe not. Maybe you'll write 100 words or 1000 words or 10,000! Just just WRITE, and don't worry if others are rushing ahead and your getting left behind. Everyone moves at there own pace. Trust me, make your time.

    Besides you dont' wanna move so quickly, revisions are a pain in the butt ;)

  2. Keep at it! Eventually you'll write; I go through spells of writer's block too.


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