Friday, July 16, 2010

Nyxen On Books

If you look to your left you'll see a bookshelf filled with books. Well, that's my bookshelf with my books.

Now, I'm not showing you a picture of my books to get you jealous, which I doubt would happen because compared to others, I have nothing and I don't think you'll get jealous of my bookshelf. But because I noticed something. Yesterday, I learned about the magic of Shelfari, where you make your own online shelf. I got excited and immediately started putting every book I own on my virtual shelf.

After I did I noticed something. Most of my books are middle grade novels. And I find it weird because most of my YA novels are on the right whilst the MG novels are on the left. Now, there isn't anything wrong with MG novels but I just found it weird and amazing that I've been into reading for a very long time.

I think I began reading at the age of five and this was the first book I owned, besides most of the Cat in the Hat books. I, Amber Brown by Paula Danziger. A mere 140 pages yet it was something I treausred the most. My very first novel! I can't believe I still have it. It really is something magical when you have your first novel from when you were five. Just looking back, I've realized that I never loved reading. *Gasp*

In second grade, when we had tracks, I had to write my very first ever book report. We had to read a chapter book that was at least 100 pages long. I dreaded it. I read Junie B. Jones First Grader (At Last!). It had 98 pages and I hated reading it. For some reason, second and third grade were the worst reading years of my life. I despised reading. I thought it was so boring. But thank god that ended. And then in fifth grade I started reading again. But fanfiction on the internet. I was a big fan of Harry Potter back then, the movies. I hadn't read the books yet. And after reading a tremendous amount of fanfictions I decided to write my own. But I barely knew anything about Harry Potter so I decided to read the books.

I spent the my sixth grade reading all six Harry Potter books, getting in trouble for reading in class, and obsessing over how awesome they were! My friends hated me that year. So, for a very long time I never realized how many awesome books there were. And now, because of this blog and many, many other amazing bloggers, I have learned that there are a lot of books that I've learned about and want.

Mostly, I just want to own a library, fill it with books and read the entire day. And maaybe even fill that library with some of my own books. That's in the future and I'm just glad I got the chance to be able to read.

What types of books do you love? Do you think there's a difference between MG and YA books?
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  1. That's a perfect bookshelf because it is FULL of books. I was the same way with those Harry Potter books - reading them back to back - I was in fourth grade though.

    I read a mix of middle grade and young adult. It's about an even split right now. And yeah, they are different. Middle grade has no romance or swear words or serious violence. Otherwise, I think they are pretty similar.

  2. I think there are more subtleties in YA literature, and certainly when it gets closer to adult. Who reacts to what and when, and there's definitely more romance. Personally, I prefer YA, but I've noticed that there is a different sort of action going on in MG books, and I like that aspect. It depends on the book, really. :)

  3. Hey Nyxen, Thanks for stopping by my blog and following! I'm now following you too! I really got into reading with the Harry Potter books (such a great series) and I read children fantasy (which range in the middle grade) as well as YA. I feel that there is a difference between middle grade and YA with subject matter as well as how intense the romance and action is. Look forward to reading more post from you!!


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