Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nyxen's First Day of School

Yesterday was my first day of school. D: I can't believe I'm already a sophomore! A tenth grader for pete's sake. I'm getting older and older by the year. Before I know I it, I'm going to be in college! That's a scary thought.

Okay, well my first day went uneventful. As in nothing happened.

I got there around 8:40 and immediately went to the bathroom. I just went in there because I didn't see any of my friends. I know, I'm a loser. :P I spent about five minutes in there but I was with one of my acquaintances so I was okay. I then went outside and saw my friends walking in. I have very good timing. ;P

8:56 The bell rang and it was time for homeroom. My homeroom stays the same so I had the exact same one as last year. Gym. But you don't actually do anything. So I was in there for about ten minutes when I found out I was in the wrong homeroom. I guess they changed my room so I had to go to the office and look at a chart with all homerooms. It was a lot of walking today. :P I looked an noticed it had changed. So I went there and got my real schedule. Hooray!

9:25 1st period. I have H English, or Honors English. (I'm a smart cookie. :P) I literally thought I was going to be alone. I was so nervous. So I get there and I already meet someone. She is really nice. I get in the classroom and notice it's everyone from my last classes from last year. I was surprised but also glad because I knew some friendly faces in there. We went over nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs...again. We also took a small quiz about them. It's wasn't tough but the one that got me was the word tomorrow. DO YOU KNOW WHAT PART OF SPEECH THAT IS? I put adverb and got it right! :P That was that class. :P

10:15 2nd period. I have H Algebra 2, or Honors Algebra 2. (Told you I was a smart cookie.) In there we just got to know the teacher and then she passed out our books. They were heavy, and it didn't help that I had to walk home after school. I also had a mini cough attack in there. It wasn't funny. People were staring at me. :/ Hmm, nothing else happened in there. More friendly faces though ! :D

11:08 3rd period. PE...worst period ever! When I got to my pe class I swore I knew no one in there! Scary stuff man. :P We also had to wait outside on the bleachers. It's so hot in California, especially at this time of year. But I'm also really excited for PE because I'm doing tennis. :D Never played tennis but I am super excited to try. I'll probably fail miserably.

11:58 4th period. Leadership/Student Government and maybe the best class ever! I'm one of kids in the school who gets to be in in student government. They are like the main honchos(?) of the school. They are in charge of almost everything fun at the school....and I'm apart of it! Well, in that class we actually got to know each other. Found out everyone's names and what not. That teacher is really awesome! Best person ever! We just keep laughing in that class. I'm sure I'll get to know everyone in that class as my family.

12:42 Lunch. The one period I was looking forward to. I left my SG class and went to our "spot." The spot where all my friends hang out. Two of my friends from middle school transferred to my high school so now we have added them to our group. At lunch we did nothing. :P We stood around and talked....and acted all that. (Just kidding.) But it was fun to be around each other after all this time. WOOOOH.

1:19 5th period. That is French 2. I was super nervous because I don't think I remember anything from French 1. Here we go. Je m'appelle Bianca Nadine. J'ai quinze (almost) ans. J'aime lire et écrire tous les jours. Je suis très timide mais travailleuse. And that's where I draw the line. Eh, not bad. :P So far, my french teacher isn't that bad. She's pretty nice. :D But then she made us do this bubble map thing and write about us. I'm really bad at writing and describing myself. I guess I just don't like doing that. I feel conceited when I write like that.

2:09 6th period. Physics and last class of the day. I was super nervous with physics. I thought I was supposed to get chemistry or something but noooo. I got Physics! I'm excited for that class because even though I'm going to need to work very hard it's going to be fun. Even with all those labs and creating objects that involve momentum. I think. :P But the teacher seems really strict. Chill but strict...I guess. We gave us a quick look into the next semester and we is not kidding when he says it's going to be hard work. Let's see how I do.

School ends at 2:49 PM. I was glad that school was over but I still had to walk. On my way out of school I met up with HIM. We kind of have a history together but it isn't that bad. I guess it's complicated. I said hi to him and then left quickly. I have confused feelings, okay? I finally make it outside and meet up, unintentionally, with two friends I always walked home with. We walked together, talked about random stuff and I realized that it was good to be back. It was excruciatingly hot outside, though. I was sticky by the time I got home.

Then the doorbell rang and it was the UPS man! I really love the UPS man. He's like my tooth faery. :P He brought me my CSN bookshelf and lead pencils. Don't ask why I bought those, I just did. So now I have a new bookshelf! I think I had a good first day.

How was your first day? And if you aren't in school, are you excited to go?


  1. Nice recap. I go back next week.

  2. I will write about my first day later, but I'm glad school doesn't suck for you! :D High school seems.... interesting. (Forgive me about the lack of knowledge for changing classes, high school, things, etc xD) But I'm glad it worked out.

  3. "Before I know I it, I'm going to be in college! That's a scary thought."

    Exactly what I thought when I started my first day of tenth grade. No kidding. Anyway, enjoy year 10, because soon enough you'll be in year 12 and it won't be that much fun. :\ Or, perhaps it will be. I dunno. I haven't crossed to the other side yet, so year 12 still feels like hell. [In Australia, we're already in our second semester.]

  4. Oh my god reading that was exactly like how I always start school. I know exactly what you mean about the colledge thing. Well, in Ireland it's called University but meh. I'm in my last year of secondry (i'm 17) and i'm kind of worried:P No clue whatsoever what to do after:D
    I'm so going to copy this and talk about my first day at school in september.
    (runs away leaving maniacal laughter behind)


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