Friday, December 31, 2010

Nyxen Says Goodbye to 2010

Happy New Years Eve everyone! Can you believe that it's almost 2011? I sure can't. It feels just like yesterday when we were counting down to 2010. And it's strange that I can still remember what I was doing a year ago time. I made a video-it's still on youtube, username: NyxenProductions-telling everyone my new year resolutions. I haven't watched that video but I can still barely remember my resolutions and let me just tell you that I failed, completely.

But I can say that my biggest resolution (not mentioned in the video) was starting a blog. I didn't start this blog until Apri but I am so glad I started then. Better then than now because I wouldn't have met all these great authors and bloggers. Starting this blog was a major step up for me. It taught me responsibility and to never procrastinate, which I still do. :P

Oh, I was alsoo supposed to make another video to go along with that one from last year but I didn't. Well, I'm not sure. I still have a couple of hours so it MIGHT be posted at the end of this post....Probably not.

2010 is now gone and done with and I expect 2011 will be even better. A decade might be ending but a new one is just beginning.

In 2010, I found out that I can't do everything. I found out who my real friends are, real and online. I found out a guy will never make you happy (evenn if I tell everyone that it took me awhile for it to sink in). I found out I won't be happy with myself unless I think positive. I found out that books practically run my life. And I found out that I'm completely fine with how my life is turning out.

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! May your New Year be filled with everything you want it to be. :D

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  1. Love your blog and so glad we met online. Happy New Year!


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